Undeliverable Emailsmail_outline

If you or your users are experiencing issues with the deliverability of emails from inMotion, we can work with your IT department to make adjustments to your email authentication protocols. 

Start by asking your IT department to add the inMotion domain, 'mail.inmotionnow.com' to their SPF records. If they require more information to make this change, please reach out to support for further instructions.

If updating the SPF record does not improve the issues you are experiencing, inMotion can also adjust how the system delivers user emails. The standard practice for inMotion is to spoof the user's email address so that emails are delivered as if they're coming directly from the user. Sometimes these type of emails can be blocked. If that's the case we can adjust your account so that emails are either:

  • Sent 'on behalf' of the user by inMotion
  • Sent directly from inMotion

If you would like to implement one of these options or continue to troubleshoot further, please reach out to support and we can investigate further!