Understanding User Roles and Contactsmail_outline


Users are typically part of the creative team, and are responsible for the creation and management of a company's creative assets. They require a unique login to inMotion. User Types are assigned to team members based on their role and responsibilities within the team.  Users typically fall under four different categories:

Manages the inMotion account and has unrestricted access to the complete inMotion Application.  
Example: Project Managers, Traffic Coordinators, Creative Directors, and Marketing Managers

Key Permissions of the Admin User:

  • Create and manage Users and Groups
  • Create, edit, and manage all Contacts regardless of ownership
  • Set and customize default account settings
  • Create/edit all projects, set schedules, and assign team members
  • Manage Project and Proof templates
  • Assign Job Launch Manager functionality
  • Assign access to Proof Templates for  Vendor User Type
  • Create custom reports
  • Manage archived content

Has access to the Project, Proof, and Contact sections of the inMotion application.  
Example: Designers, Copy Writers, Videographers

Key Permissions of the Staff User:

  • Upload, manage, and archive Proofs within their assigned User Group.
  • Create, view, and edit Contacts and Review Teams within their assigned Contact Group.
  • Manage their username, password, name, and email address.
  • Enable Job Launch Submitter and Routing Manager functionality of owned Contacts.
  • Create and edit Projects, assign Team Members, assign and complete Tasks.
  • Act as Job Launch Manager.
  • Access all Workflows and Review Teams.
  • Create, copy, and edit Workflows and Review Teams.
  • Create, edit, and be a team member of projects.

Has viewing rights with limited actions available. 
Example: Product Development,  Business Analysts, Sales, Executive Assistants

Key Permissions of the CSR User:

  • View Proof Status and Details within their assigned User Group.
  • Renotify Reviewers for Pending Proofs within their assigned User Group.
  • View and edit Project Status and Details in Projects they are assigned to.
  • View assigned Tasks and mark complete.

An external user who uploads content for review. 
Example: Freelance and Contract Designers

Key Permissions of the Vendor User:

  • Post content to a pre-defined Proof Release Template.
  • View change requests and feedback on content they uploaded.                        


Contacts are typically clients or stakeholders in a project, that only require the ability to request work and/or review assets. Depending on their assigned permissions, they may require a unique login.

Any person who requests and/or reviews content only.
Example: Client, Account Manager, Internal Stakeholder

Key Permissions of a Contact:

  • Submit Requests using permissioned Job Launch forms
  • Review and approve assets