February 2017 Release Notesmail_outline

New Features

Review + Approval
  • New Sample Review environment
  • Page Navigator displays pages with comments and annotations
  • Interactive Product Tutorials

Product Improvements

Review + Approval
  • Page Navigator displays the aggregate status of each asset in read-only mode
  • Users can now zoom in and out on assets from 5% to 1000%
  • Users can now zoom and resize video assets
  • Zoom controls have been moved to the asset (lower) section of the blue header bar
  • Page navigator has been moved to the asset (lower) section of the blue header bar
  • Save & Exit/Submit Review Button has been moved to the proof (upper) section of the blue header bar
  • Asset Info indicator only appears when there is unique asset info available (if enabled by Account Administrator)
  • Instructions modal only appears for reviewers when there are instructions to display

Bug Fixes

  • Proofs placed On Hold in Review + Approval will allow file downloads from the Proof Info page
  • 'Requested By' filter in the Project Workspace will now sort alphabetically
  • Contacts added to report subscriptions should now receive appropriate emails
  • Proof reference files will now retain all files when releasing a new version of an existing proof
  • Job Launch Manager Workspace will now allow users to set the page view as default when editing the 'Project Filter Group' field
  • Custom Fields will no longer show the text 'Undefined Value' in Account Settings
  • Job Launches that are edited after being Released to Project will no longer show an 'Actions Needed' status
  • Asset files can now be uploaded for review from a DAM in Review + Approval
  • Project Names will now wrap on the Project Workspace
Review + Approval
  • Reviewers invited to a proof with multiple versions will now have access to all versions of the proof