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Creating a Proof Template with the Builder

Proof Templates are a way to automate the proof upload process. By creating a proof template, the proof uploader can choose that template and automatically apply pre-selected settings such as Reviewers and Proof Release Options.

To create a Proof Template, navigate to Account > Proof Templates. You'll be taken to the Proof Template Builder/Editor.

There are three ways to create a new Proof Template:

  1. Create from Blank - This option opens a blank template. You'll need to manually setup all reviewers and proof options.
  2. Create from Existing Proof - If you have already released up a proof and realize you use similar settings frequently, make it a template. You can edit as necessary, give it a unique name, and save.
  3. Create from Existing Template - This allows you to duplicate an existing proof template, make edits if necessary, give it a name, and save.

Creating a Proof Template During Upload

On the Release Summary page during a proof upload, you can save the reviewers and release options applied as a Proof Template. This is a quick way to create a Proof Template without creating additional work. At the bottom of the Release Summary page, enter a name for the template and click save before finalizing your proof.